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Our goal is to provide you with the finest quality mobile blood draw services while saving you time and money by bringing our blood testing service right to your door.

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Very professional, let you know what she is about to do from start to finish, gentle with you, makes you feel comfortable, and when she drew my blood I didn't feel I pinch. I have had my blood drawn a lot and it's never been this easy. When she says trust her you can.
Kizzy Williams-Simmons
LeTarsha is wonderful! She is very professional and passionate about what she does. I didn't even feel the needle go in and I had ZERO bruises the next day, which is a first for me!

Lynn Mois
My little man is at ease when he's at home. LeTarsha is great!

Laura Berry
Very professional, convenient and confidential. Mobile Stick is the best and I will always use them for my lab draw needs!!! I'm more than satisfied with the service I received.
Shamika Fields
Very professional! Skilled and knowledgeable! ONE stick, that's it. Highly recommended!
Petra Grimm-Dawson
Mobile stick is the best!! I highly recommend it. Very confident and professional and you don’t feel a thing! I will definitely be using it again!
Marcy King
As the chief executive officer of a clinical research center I have worked with Mobile Stick on several occasions! Their techs are able to draw from patients that are typically hard sticks for us. The level of professionalism, care, and skill is beyond superior! I would highly recommend Mobile Stick!
Antoinette Belton
If you need a reliable, conscientious phlebotomist Mobile stick will be there for you.
Samantha Chestnut

Using a mobile phlebotomy service is not just convenience, for severely ill, elderly or physically challenged, is a necessity.


Mobile Stick phlebotomy Services comes right to your door providing you with safe, friendly and professional service in the convenience and privacy of your home, office or facility.

Mobile Stick is a mobile phlebotomy concierge service for Chatham and surrounding counties. No longer do you need to miss work or wait in a busy doctor’s office. Let us bring the lab to you at your convenience.

Mobile Stick strictly follows all HIPAA privacy regulations, use up-to-date, sterile equipment to ensure your safety and comfort, make sure samples are properly labeled, stored and prepared for transportation to the lab of your choice.

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Mobile specimen collection services for individuals, businesses, 
and government agencies in the greater Savannah area.


Mobile Stick accepts Visa, Mastercard, and HSA as forms of payment.

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